Labor Day Event

25th Annual Trail Ride
September 4-7, 2020

This event is one of the few weekend trips we offer. It is designed for those of you who work and can’t get a full week of vacation time off.

The event is from Friday evening through Sunday evening with Monday thrown in as a travel day. Although there are no activities scheduled on Monday you are welcome to stay that day and pull out Tuesday morning at no extra charge, unless work calls you home earlier.

This is the last weekend of summer in our area, but temperatures are still warm enough to enjoy water activities such as swimming, canoeing, and tubing. Riding is also nice at this time of year as the humidity is starting to fall allowing guests to enjoy a comfortable ride even in the afternoon. Camping is not an issue as average attendance is approximately 600 guests.

Scheduled activities include 1/2 day organized trail rides, Pryor Baird in concert, and dances nightly with music provided by Jonesey.

Your admission also includes 3 meals per day, daily entertainment,  and camping for the weekend. Stalls are mandatory.
Reservations may be made via phone with a credit/debit card.
$25 per stall
$5 campsite fee
$50 reservation fee

You may arrive as early as 8:00 a.m. Saturday, August 29, 2020 at no additional charge. You will need to plan on providing your own meals until Friday, September 4.  There are no visitor’s passes offered during this event. Dogs are allowed at this event.

We hope you will consider joining us for the last weekend of summer, it’s guaranteed to be a good time!

Adult $200 … 6-11 $135
3-5 $55 … 2 & under $15
Stalls $25/weekend each
Cancellation Deadline: August 14, 2020


Guests will be charged from the date they arrive through the end of the event.  No refunds are given for early departures. Late arrivals will be charged a pro-rated package rate. Please see our Pro-Rate Policy for specific details about arriving late.