At Cross Country Trail Ride, we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable visit!

1. Every guest or visitor must be registered with our office before entry. Unregistered individuals will be prosecuted as trespassers.

2. We reserve the right to reject any reservation.

3. Cross Country Trail Ride, LLC takes no responsibility for acts of God. We do not refund or credit for inclement weather or unforeseen events caused by circumstances beyond our control.

4. All camps must be quiet by 12:30 a.m. No loud music or noise will be tolerated. If you are leaving camp for the evening please be considerate of other guests when you return.

5. No picket lines allowed. Do not tie animals to trees while tacking, damage to a tree will result in a charge of $150 per tree. No pens of any kind allowed.

6. Manure bunkers are located throughout our facility. We require that all manure cleaned from stalls be placed in one of these storage sheds effective January 1, 2004.

7. Animals may not be left tied at your campsite indefinitely. You may tie up at your campsite in order to saddle or groom. Any manure deposited by your animal during this time will need to be placed in one of the storage shed as soon as possible.

8. No rough riding or racing allowed inside our facility or on our organized rides. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED ON ORGANIZED RIDES.

9. Stallions are permitted with prior permission. They are required to be kept in a stallion stall no matter the age or temperament of the animal.

10. All food must be eaten in the dining hall and may not be taken back to camp. A food pass may be obtained from our office in special circumstances and will need to be presented to our staff at each meal.

11. No motorcycles, ATV’s or bicycles (including children’s bicycles) allowed inside our facility. We are currently allowing the use of golf carts and UTV’s, however, the driver must be 18 years or older and have a valid driver’s license to operate the vehicle inside camp. UTV’s and golf carts must be parked for the night at dusk.

12. No swimming or bathing horses in the Jacks Fork or Current Rivers. This is a state and federal regulation, which will be enforced with a ticket if violated. Animals may be bathed in camp only at the horse wash effective January 1, 2005. It is not permissible to even spray an animal down at your campsite or barn. This regulation is per the State of Missouri.

13. Stay on designated trails and abide by all No Horse or No Trespassing signs. Some of our trails cross private lands, which the owner has given us permission to cross, please do not abuse their generosity.
14. Stalls may be bedded with dehydrated pellet type bedding only. We no longer allow the use of straw or wood shavings in stalls. You may bring your own or purchase bedding on site.

15. Tampering with or altering in any way the electrical outlets or wiring will not be allowed. We display zero tolerance for this type of activity and will not hesitate to ask you to leave the facility with no offer of a refund.


Please Note

All guests are required to use bedding in every stall used. We allow the use of dehydrated pelleted bedding and do not allow the use of any other type bedding. We offer bedding on site at $5 per 40# bag or you may bring your own if you prefer.

Health papers (valid for 30 days) and Coggins test (valid for 1 year) are required for all out of state animals. All out of state guests will be required to show these papers at the gate upon arrival. Missouri residents will need to show Coggins papers only.

UPDATED DOG POLICY: Beginning May 1, 2018 a new dog policy will be instituted. We welcome service dogs at our facility, but only service dogs. Emotional support dogs and pets are not allowed. Guests will be asked to describe the task their service dog performs for them and also to register the animal with our office upon arrival. A certificate from the internet or a service dog vest will not be acceptable as verification. Thank you for abiding by our rules regarding dogs.

WARNING: Under Missouri law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities pursuant to the Revised Statutes of Missouri.